We here at White Light Army Pictures believe in making the best and delivering only the best to you, whether it's motion pictures, television ads or music videos. In this day and age, shooting a motion picture, commercial ad, or music video is easy but delivering "cinema quality" work is still a difficult task. Cinema quality is mostly achievable by reputed film production houses, however, along with the quality comes a very heavy price tag!! We believe in making the best quality products within a reasonable budget. For all your cinema or motion picture related work, we are your one-stop shop! We provide the best solutions under one roof. Here maintaining high quality standards are maintained whilst meeting and satisfying the expectations of our clients, within a comfortable and affordable budget. Your projects will also go through the same post production process as any high standard movie or TV ad would go through. This procedure includes the following steps:-

  • Editing
  • Visual Effects , Sound Designing and Voice Dubbing
  • Color Grading
  • Final touch
  • Final Preview and Delivery

Way we work

Before going ahead with any type of shooting, the most important thing is to understand the subject and scope of work involved. Regardless of whether we’re shooting a movie, television ad, music video, or corporate video, HOMEWORK is a must. We conduct on-location surveys and do full research according to the subject of the project prior to shooting. Then accordingly, we provide you with the time frame of the shoot, time required for post production (Editing, VFX, Dubbing, Colour Grading etc...) of the project, and then lastly the delivery date.

How we charge

We believe in delivering the best to you and our charges are based on the scope of work, requirement of equipment and manpower involved. We never compromise on quality but always keep cost-efficiency in mind. You will get high quality work from us for the price you pay.

Basic shooting setup :-


  • RED EPIC-M Camera with all Accessories
  • RED PRO PRIME Lenses set
  • Lights
  • Portable Jib
  • DSLR Cameras
  • Camera Slider
  • O’Connor Fluid Head + Tripod
  • Mac pro Laptop (For visual quality check) and more...

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